Monday, 22 December 2008

Yearly Planner

We finally received our annual offerings from the kompenikedekutletrik, the diary/notebook and large wall calendar that will adorn my empty office wall. I have to admit I really like the ring-bound layout of this year's diary cum notebook. It is the "cum" part that I like most because our previous diaries has always been pure diary where there have been days where those tiny daily space was either too little to squeeze in all those notes and useless scribbles you furiously write in the meetings and or too big to write anything at all. So this year, they reduced the overall size to a more friendly size, slightly larger than those generic off-the-shelf flip up notebook and with the other half of the diary/ organiser filled up with blank pages where you can write to you imaginations' content in it instead of bound by the small daily partitions in diary style entries.

To my delight, I also discovered the holidays that we are going to have being in the former national capital would only fall on the days that matters most. I thought we had it good this year with the holidays mostly extending our weekends to some extended weekends throughout the year. However, for the year 2009, it is going to be even better! All 11 days of public holidays for next year (First Raya and First CNY) and the 2 "state" holidays that we would have would only fall on 4 days; Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays so we are looking forward to at least 11 weeks of 4 working days out of the 52 weeks. A nice thought for the new year it will be then. And for those in adjoining state with a Sultan, they would be enjoying a 4-day week for a continuous 4 weeks in December. Lagi la sungguh tak aci...


Anonymous said...

pindah la.. pindah la..
ni yg aku nak kena consider keje in KL or Selangor haha

pb said...

I counted, there is exactly 247 working days(tolak the hols that falls on sunday as well).

At least this time around it doesnt come in one whole lump at a time. Kacau la working schedule bila banyak sangat cuti :P

goboklama said...

tak pernah ambil peduli pasal cuti,heheh.. :p

Nina Zan said...

you and peebs have waaay too much time on your own aye.

dah masuk annual leave entitlement?
dah masuk paternity leave?

tak cukup haul la kerja next year.

mosh said...

screwboy: if that's the deciding factor, definitely aku pi kerja kat selangor hehehe

pb: wow! you actually did that? means we'd have 118 days of paid leave for the whole year with the weekends? hmmm.

yeah at least this year it's not lumped together into a string of holidays like we've seen before. more like gradual enjoyment over the year :)

goboklama: laaa apasal?

rotiduabelas: heh... believe it or not, it's part of my work. i need to know the holidays in advance to do work :p

kalau masuk annual leave 28+2 carry forward this year and paternity leave 3 hari, memang le tak cukup haul. itu tak kira compassionate leave kalau nak kawin la kan :p

ery kumagai said...

err...rasa mcm pelik pulak, these PH/AL does not appealing much now.


zan said...

wahh ye ker? advance sungguh ini planner :)

i pun dah dpt dairi but no time to flip flip laa hehehe...dah a few years we've been getting dairies with empty pages...i loike :P

saya memang suka kerja di negeri selangor LOL

mosh said...

mrs k: biasalah. both of your professions now, full time homemaker or entrepreneur has no public holiday.

zan: of course planner has to be advance :)

memang tak aci kerja selangor. nasib baik we here in KL has reduced to deficit by one thanks to those black beauty movement.. horrey!

goboklama said...

sbb rasa nak cuti terus amik cuti,takyah plan2, sampai Arif pon dpt gelaran 'Juara Ponteng',hihi.. Cumanya 2009 takleh nk memonteng lagi sbb dia nk pekse UPSR :p