Monday, 2 February 2009

He is finally here

I don't know if I can still proclaim myself to be a blogger or not, seeing how I have been away from this blogland for quite some time. I have been reading some of your blogs without leaving any trails, if any of you are still going to read this.

Well, like the title says, my son has finally arrived (but not my maid). He was born at 9.05pm on Thursday 29 January 2007. And like all things last minute, the name has not been finalised yet due to one interesting late entry. Of course, Arman has not been received mutually so we had to find another name and it was almost certain to be Aryth though yours truly is not really in full agreement with it. And the last minute entry that was adored by both is currently Shaqeef but I have googled, wikied, answered and tried many other avenues but could not find a meaning to it. Can somebody more enlightened than me or speak Arabic, Latin, Turkish or whatever language that is tell me it does not mean anything bad or even better means something really well? Thanks in advance.

A little story on the delivery day itself. We went for a regular check-up at around 10am that day when the O&G informed us that wifey was already 4cm dilated and advised us to admit her ASAP. Which we did not because we had to go to the immigration office to get the approval letter for our maid to be sent to the agency. Which we did and when wifey was finally admitted at around 3pm, she was already about 5cm dilated. Settled all the administrative stuff and I had to leave her alone in the delivery suite to mail the documents (and had cendol while I was at it), pick up the other 2 from their daycare and inform Athyra's babysitter if she could stay overnight (well, she had not much choice then). By the time I got back to the hospital at around 6pm, wifey was already 7cm dilated. By 7.30, the midwife told me that she was already 9cm dilated even though the baby was way up the passage and took down my mobile number and told me that I could go for dinner and she expected the delivery would take place at around 8.30pm and I could go out for dinner first. Which I did, with the 2 children when she called me at around 8.20pm saying that the O&G was there to deliver the baby already when I was on the way back to the hospital.

By the time I got into the delivery suite, they were already packing up saying that they have exhausted all avenues (including vacuuming) to deliver the baby normally and wifey will be moved to the operating theatre. At least I was glad to be informed that I could go into the OT.

There I was, suited up and video camera in hand, only to be told by the paediatrician who happened to be the medical director of the hospital that no photos/ videos were allowed in the OT. But at least I got to witness first hand how they actually cut open wifey's womb (not very gently occassionally) to see the elongated vaccumed head of Shaqeef popping out of the incision at around 9pm while maintaining my composure. Well, out of 9 people in the OT, only the paed, one medical auditor who sat in the corner without doing anything and I were the males around and it would be so not cool to be fainting at the first sight of blood and I survived watching closely all the butchery in progress. And the anaesthesiologist where quite a looker too. Digressed too much there.

Only after the paed left, assuring me that the baby is fine, everybody in the room said now I could take some limited videos/ photos of the baby and the mother but not how they stitched her up. Which I did but not quite the ER, Nip/Tuck or GA kind of videos because they did not allow those too.

So, to cut a long story short, while Athyra is such an angel during the day, she is not quite so at night and I ended up sleeping with 3 girls at home during the night. And Alyssa was not even late for school the day after while keeping the breakfast and bekal tradition intact.

Wifey would stay at her sister's place until Thursday when hopefully we can borrow her sister's maid and tonight, I'll be sleeping with 2 schoolgoing children alone and hopefully I can wake up myself upon hearing the alarm clock at 6am tomorrow morning.

Some useless trivia for you:

  1. The first C-section delivery for wifey. Some grand entrance he's putting up there.

  2. While Alyssa's and Amelya's age gap is 23 months, they were born on consecutive years (2002 and 2003) whereas the 15 months separating Athyra and Shaqeef are 2 years apart (2007 and 2009).

  3. On wifey's side, 3 of her sisters has only 1 boy in their family while on 1 had none (with 4 girls) and 1 had 4 boys and 3 girls.

  4. On my side, Shaqeef is only the second boy by Arwah Matsah's 3 sons (and 8 girls to go with it). Plenty of boys coming from my sisters though.

  5. At the rate of RM120/ month, my salary would possibly deducted until the boy goes to school by the KompeniKedekutElektrik that now limits the maximum claims for C-section deliveries to slightly more than 3k only.

  6. Quite unrelated to the post but my last entry was posted on 22 December 2008 so this must've been the longest break I took for submitting an entry.


Anonymous said...

oh mahal jugak csect over there ek?

but at last, a boy and gorgeous too!!

good luck at 6 am!


Ummu Layth said...

congrats! dpt jgk lelaki akhirnye hehehe

Nina Zan said...

Amboi kecik lagi dah pose pandang camera. heheh He looks a lot like Athyra eh.

Not sure about 'shaqeef' but kak dolly's baby named Akif means focused.

Congrats again!

famyGirl said...

Alhamdulillah and yayyyy for baby boy Shaqeef! :)
Congrats to you and Sheena.

agree with Roti, he does look like Athyra. tapi rambut Athyra lebat lagi, no?

lazydaisy said...

im sure daddy is over the moon, finally ada geng in the family..
had caesar for my twin too and it cost XXK, nasib baik hubby's company cover sume kalau tak mampos

anyway bagi ur wife rest betul betul dulu at least 6 weeks sebab luka dalam my gynae kata baik dalam 6 weeks mmg lambat compare to normal and sebab phobia ni la i nak tutup kedai juga hehe :)

nama aidan or adel tak suka ke ?

mamarawks said...

sempat pergi immigration lagi...

congrats... finally dapat boy...

zan said...

congrats!!!! mesti happy and busy gilerrrr :)

so besar :) alhamdulillah semua sihat..

how's the girls, suka tak dpt baby brother??

Lana said...

congrats! akhirnya encik mosh ada geng

Gartblue said...

omg!! those lips are so gonna break hearts .. athyra's lips, definitely! athyra's eyes too .. and the gaze is definitely shina's .. like when you do something wrong, I can see her gazing you with that look. hahahahha .

he's really gorgeous moshi. alhamdulillah .. and looks hefty too .. add those breastmilk, whoohoo, one very very bouncing baby boy ..

hope the maid comes soon. hope shina gets well soon but she's been such a strong woman, anyhow.

and *head hungs low* sorry about the name .. and aryth sounds just gorgeous! of course it's mix of athyra's name, with one less "a". and it's almost like ariz .. hehehe but shaqeef sounds so solid.

anyhow .. congratulations .. welcome to the world of parents with boys! I can tell you it's so so much different than the parents with 3 girls .. very the blitzy and transformer-ly and ball-y. hahah

Mrs.A said...

Hidy ho neighbour,

I am on dial-up to read your post as only your previous entry comes out on my phone. Memang sebijik muka Athyra. Bila saya dah sihat dari kepenatan dan permuntahan yang tak terhingga, I shall visit the new addition. When Shina comes home. Yay.. boleh tutup kedai.. dah agak when you shaved your head. At least your company pays 3k. My son's 11 years ago was fully paid by hubby's company. Adeena was born normally. But for this one the doc said maybe kena c-sect balik, 10 k at least.. up front. sekarang tgh kumpul duit. Tapi as the obgyn said, anak itu rezeki dan juga responsibility. He won't easily kurniakan kalau He knows we can't do it. CONGRATULATIONS! Salam to Shina. Holler if you need anything. Really.

mosh said...

nonah: memang pun kalau masuk private hospital. even more expensive coz this one emergency c-sect. ok i might've exaggerated a bit. maybe it'll take like 5 and a half years maybe to pay off everything.

guess what?! i woke up!!! ehehehe.

aliya: yeah finally! Alhamdulillah!

rotinotti: he does? i don't know lah. when people ask, i'd always say i don't know how to look at newborns coz they all look the same.

thanks =)

fg: tqtqtq. yup athyra is still the reigning champion for rambut lebatness. so the title rambut lebat can still be retained by her...

ld: tqtqtq. but actually nya kan to be a bit anti-climax, i'm just happy enough he's sihat. kalau girl also maybe i'll be as happy. Entah le budak tu belum besau lagi.

nak tutup kedai dah eh? err actually kitaorang pun kot before, regardless. penat seh...

i like aidan tapi sounds too omputeh la. gart also suggested that. aydan pun looks ok jugak kan? but i think we'll stick to shaqeef for now.

nad: ehehe. itu terpaksa kalau tak part maid pulak terbengkalai and delayed further. somehow i sort of knew that the baby would be lambat sikit to keluar tu yang confident je pergi immigration tu.

zan: memang penat... now i'm already half hour late nak pi hantar bebudak berdua tu pi kumon. takpala tunggu sat. hujan lebat ni.

they are very happy indeed to get a baby brother, including si rambut lebat tu. tapi part dia kena jaga sikit sebab bila nak kiss to more like headbutt rather than gentle tenderly kiss.

lana: yeay ada geng. after this bley psycho tengok f1 sekali.

gart: ahahaha! that kind of gaze eh? mischief is my middle name :p

as for now, hopefully we'll be borrowing her sister's maid dulu starting from thursday. memang la tak sedar diri shina tu. third day after the delivery siap nak dokong athyra lagi coz tak sakit lagi the epidural effect still there.

and i embrace the boy parenthood with a leap of faith. if he were to live up to the boy's reputation and would be even more lasak than alyssa who don't use the stairs anymore but slides down the railing, adeh....

mrs a: tqtqtq. baru nak tanya streamyx dah ok ke belum. sebijik athyra eh? come to think of it, have you seen athyra in real life ke? eheheh. eh ada kot coz we must've bumped into each other in some hypermarkets rather than at home.

kalau planned c-sect murah sikit kot. at least you don't have to pay for the delivery suite. yang emergency ni yang lagi banyak kena bayar rasanya. best of luck with yours!!!

elisataufik said...

When I heard from Nina, I was so happy for you and sheena!
Tahniah tahniah tahniah!!

p/s ada apa2 petua ke?

butterflutter said...

Hugs and kisses to the baby boy. Congrats to both of you. lepas ni ada kawan tgk f1, main bola, pegi cycling dan byk lagi.
We might drop by my bils hse (ur area) this weekend. Pegi visit cucu #8

Mrs.A said...

Hello! Saya dah banyak kali la tengok Athyra masa kenduri yang tak selalu.. :) . Tell Shina to rest when she can. Ampu the c-section part dgn tangan bila nak bangun and duduk. It is a major surgery nonetheless. Congrats again. I so want to know what I am carrying...:)

BeeLOVE said...

wwoowww!!! ntah camner tibe2 arini rasa nak jenguk blog ni sbb selalu takde update baru pon. and.... congratulations!! a ah sebijik muka rambut lebat. Alhamdulillah, moga wife and baby sihat and recover soon from c-sect. and moga Allah permudahkan kerja2 ayahnya :D

Jill said...

the boy is finally here, congratulations to you and sheena! he has the 'don't mess with me' look - super adorable. and will be so spoilt by the 3 sisters (or bullied). happy parenting, again :)

mosh said...

elisa: tqtqtq. petua? err how about being unplanned? ehehehe.

bf: thanks. tapi bapaknya pun kaki sangat lurus untuk main bola ehehehe.

do drop by if you're around. most probably the baby would be home by sunday.

mrs A: ehehe ok ok sowie... it is quite major. to tell you the truth, ngeri jugak to see how the obygin cut open and pulled apart the open area. tapi maintain macho...

cikbee: thanks for such specific doa. though all things were prepared the night before, still lambat 20 mins today to work, huhuhu.

jill: thanks! ehehe the expression was the reason i chose that photo even though not the most perfectly focussed one. at the moment, all of them seemed to be very excited to get a baby brother. don't know how long the excitement will last lah..

mommy@lif said...

salam mosh..
okay saya ngaku saya tak tau pon u 're expecting another addiiton.. ye saya sangat sibuk di tempat kerja sampai semua blog orang saya 'lupa' jenguk..

anyway, many congrats!selamat berperang dgn alarm clock.. hahaha berapa kali snooze baru bangung? be honest :p and selamat berpantang utk wifey

Myra said...


Sorry lmbt wish. Hugs and kisses for the enshem baby boy!

Mrs.A said...


when I had my c-sect, my gynae went.."what , no camera?" to my hubby. But I did see the lady before me punye gambar. It was scareeeee!!!

mosh said...

rad: no worries. saya pun macam tu jugak. dok baca silently je macam stalker.

terima kacih. thankfully no more nowadays the living, breathing alarm clock is back!!! selamat berpantang to wifey only? me? haru haru...

myra: tqtqtq. takpa reply pun lambat :).

mrs a: i don't think you'd like to see yourself dissected like that. alaaa how come tak ambik. rugi though.

anyway that reminds me of my friend's story about asking his friends to watch his wife's delivery in action and people were like err we're not going to see that coz they were thinking it was a normal delivery. tapi c-sect ok la takde la ambik gambar benda tu...