Friday, 8 May 2009

7 Thingy Tag

Ok Famy. Another hutang from you. Here it comes.

The 7 Things Tag

7 facts you may not know about me:
  1. I'm short. Well not midget short but definitely not as tall as I would like it to be. Well, apart from aesthetics, would've been nice to be able to spike those volleyball wherever I fancied if only I were taller, and when I could jump before

  2. I had an ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee a very long time ago, possibly in 1995. A quick check by my ortho friend 2 weeks ago pronounced that it was brilliantly done and my knee is still almost as good new.

  3. I was breastfed until very late apparently. In tandem with my younger brother who is 2 years younger than I am. That should explain the everlasting fascination with the upper torso region of the opposite sex.

  4. I started getting my wisdom tooth really early. Probably when I was 20 years old or so, if I remember correctly. And had the complete set of adult homosapien teeth by 29 years old. All still there, the last time I checked. Biologically aging faster. Ah well. At least somebody told me before I look better as I age :p

  5. Only had 1 other girlfriend before I got married to the One at the age of 28. Somehow I found it difficult to find a suitable one when I was really looking

  6. I used to drive very fast. Not anymore. At least I did not change into those low profile, 17 inch rims for cosmetic purposes only. I have been caught (and got away scot-free) driving at 150km/h in an 80km/h zone

  7. When it comes to appearance, I'm very seasonal. There are times when I just don't really care how I look like and when I am so vain, checking out the mirror all the time. But lately, it's the former rather than latter mostly

7 things that scare me:
  1. Commitment. Refer to no. 5 up there

  2. Road accidents. I have been in a few though Alhamdulillah now all had been material but not mortal damage

  3. Wife?! Bukan takut... sayang...

  4. Going downstairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. But then, if the man of the house takut, who else la kan. So, gain enough courage and just go lah

  5. Creepy crawlies really creeping on my feet. I don't mind chasing after or use a broom to brush it off but if those damn lizards somehow landed on my feet, those minute cold paws would bring shivers down to my spine... grrr!

  6. Height. Imagine looking downwards from a 25th floor apartment's balcony. Heavenly.

  7. The opposite sex. Or at least I used to be when I was in secondary school. Now I've learned to live with many of them around.

7 songs that I like the most:

Many, this one. I'll give the first 7 songs that I have in my recent playlist
  1. Dewi by Dewa19

  2. Aku Mau by Once

  3. Ayat-ayat Cinta by Rossa

  4. No Air by Chris Brown

  5. Bohemian Rhapsody by Fugees

  6. Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5 (my ring tone also)

  7. Kekasih Gelapku by Ungu

7 phrases that I say the most:
  1. Salam. Standard intro in chats

  2. How are you today? That would normally come after no 1

  3. Adess

  4. ooooo

  5. Ngantuk!!!

  6. I'm hungry!!!

  7. Apa nak makan ni? (while scratching my head thinking of what kind of canteen food that I can stomach for another day while pacing up and down the aisle)

7 of my precious things:
  1. My glasses, definitely can't live (see) without it.

  2. My wedding ring. While the silver ring has many scratches due to the normal wear and tear, the amethyst stone is still shining brightly.

  3. My watch, bequeathed from my aruah father. Battery is dead but I am still wearing it everywhere

  4. My pants. I'm not really into a habit of walking around naked you know. Ok should include t-shirt, shirt or anything to wear on top also

  5. My hair! Or should I say the lack of it. Cannot see those receding hairline or thinning population of those black thingy? You're not looking hard enough

  6. Ah well I don't need to be explicit about it. I won't be a man without it.

  7. And of course the cliche, my family ehehehe. Hey I'm running out of smart ideas here

7 memorable first timers:

  1. First time I was away from home at 13 years old in a boarding school. Superbly homesick and was compounded by loneliness because I was isolated in the district hospital. I contracted chicken pox on the first week.

  2. First time the opposite sex expressed her interest in me when I was 16 years old. Rasa hensem, cakap lu. Especially when the woman said something like why was I born 6 years earlier than you are

  3. First time I could not answer the Add Math question that was presented to me, and it was in SPM! Had my first experience of mental block, in the exam. Damn! Sweating profusely. Needless to say, I did not get the coveted A1 that I expected to get :(

  4. First time setting my foot in the land of down under. So gayat and surreal to actually feel cold while the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

  5. First time breaking up with a girlfriend. Heartbroken wa cakap lu. Cerita lama sangat dah tu

  6. First night sleeping with my newly-wed wife only to find her sleeping on the floor. She could not sleep due to the melodious orchestra that I would conduct in my sleep. Ah well, no more complaints nowadays. Alah bisa, tegal biasa.

  7. First time holding my own daughter. I'm not really a baby person but when it comes to my own, a different sensation altogether.
7 people I would tag:
  1. you
  2. you
  3. you
  4. you
  5. you
  6. you
  7. you


    Mrs.A said...

    waaa... neighbour,

    Eye opening ... he he . (Guess what the word verification I have to type in - "Syina"... ha ha ha.. close enough isnt it!) Will look harder at your hair, if I see you tomorrow. Anak saya suka bangun lambat aaa.

    Kalau nak turun bawah in the middle of the night , pasang je la lampu. The guard always passes when I am drinking la, siap berhenti near the window. I just wave him on.

    p/s : Saya pun seorang daripada 'you' ke... dah lama dah tak hapdet blog saya... weather's too hot to let the ideas flow into words!

    the principal said...

    Katak - my musuh No. 1. Creepy crawlies ok lagi.

    Surprise, surprise, mosh takut "Going downstairs in the middle of the night"...I FBing & blogging sometimes until 2-3am on weekends. Sorang2 kat bawah, bukak tingkap lagi....maybe got this courage from selalu keluar mlm kat STF...

    Anonymous said...

    hehe insightful.

    Bohemian Rhapsody tu bukan Queen ke?

    mosh said...

    Mrs A: seriously that was the word? ehehehe.

    I do turn on the stairs light when whenever I go downstairs. But I won't turn on any other lights except the kitchens. Tu yang still dark when I got to the kitchen tu.

    yeah! lama tak hapdet blog. Silalah hapdet dengan tag yang begitu susah untuk bercakap dengan kebenaran segalanya dan hanya kebenaran ini.

    mdm principal: why katak? ala shian dia. actually I don't quite mind the kataks if I'm prepared. Don't la jump on me when I was not expecting. That's a different story altogether.

    Heh ada guna jugak selalu keluar malam tu eh? Tapi sekarang takut sudah kurang sikit. Can go out to smoke even coz I don't smoke in the house :p

    rotis: Very difficult to do this tag without being one. You do lah also. You haven't done kan? Many more insightful things that can be revealed here but let's keep this a family-entertainment blog for now :)

    yeah originally Queen's but I don't have that one. Only have the Fugees one.

    Lollies said...

    aww that must be hard on you for the add maths. i heard you terer. and when people ask you to help solve their add maths problem, walau pun baru bangun tidur pun boleh buat. And you will pusing2kan something on your finger. is it book? pen? i don't remember

    NJ@goboklama said...

    u're such a romatic at heart,don't u? hihih.. :p

    BTW,I pun takut gak nk turun bawah mlm2,kena pasang lampu terang-benderang baru berani :)

    mosh said...

    lols: huhuhu it was hard during that time. i was hoping for a miracle masa nak bukak exam results but of course the miracle did not happen la kot. or it did and that's why i got a2 ehehe.

    i can pusing both the pen and book, with both hands. the only thing i failed to practise is pusing pen in both hands simultaneously.

    mosh said...

    NJ: err what makes you say i am romantic at heart eh? i'm sure wifey would scream "I BEG TO DIFFER!" if she read that ahahaha!

    i'm sure ramai orang takut sebenarnya. only some people who are gutsy enough to admit it :)

    zan said...

    ishh kesiannya shina tidur kat lantai hehehe :)

    this tag is more on self revealing kan..luckily i'm done with it..

    tak dapat A1, please tell me u dapat A2, jgn C3 sudah :P

    mosh said...

    zan: :p. not anymore...

    tu lah. seksa nak buat. grrr to famy. susah nak be discrete about it.

    ya la nasib baik dpt a2. tu pun patut syukur kan?

    Sarina said...

    Memorable First Timers No. 6: I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THAT SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heheheh this is certainly going to make some eyes pop huh!!! ;-P

    mosh said...

    hehehe ina saja je. yeah i'm sure you do :p. and yet you could sleep through it eh with no complaints?

    Hafiz said...

    interesting tag. I guess I will be having the same problem with the hair in the future too :)