Thursday, 2 July 2009

Gambar Si Jantan yang Sorang

As requested by Zan yang dah lama tak submit entry tu.

Since I'm already submitting an entry, might as well list down some of his progress for future references
  • about 7.5kg weighed on 28th.Jun, one day before he turned 5 months old

  • can flip on his stomach and back at will

  • will produce some cooing sounds with some effort and laughs when his kakak plays peekaboo with him

  • not entirely static anymore. starts to move around quite a bit

  • can lift up his butt already and has enough bodily strength to go astern

  • can hold objects with both hands and put into his mouth but has not been seen passing the objects from one hand to the other

  • can definitely recognise his sedara by exhibiting delighted expressions upon seeing ayah and mama coming home from the office. but peekaboo game can only be performed successfully by alyssa. i have tried and failed miserably

  • word of caution! athyra has been caught grabbing him by the ankles and pull him towards her on the bed. definitely not safe to leave them together unsupervised especially on the bed, isk!

that's all folks!


Anonymous said...

usually i'd just read any updates thru the reader but niari harus comment, i love that first pic. he looks so tempting to be pinched. lol.


Lollies said...

oh no he looks like you

masya Allah! look at him frowning. frowning pun comel (yang tu tak ikut you)

Mrs.A said...

High Five to entry Lollies.. he he. .. so comel! Pasal failing miserably to make him excited about peekaboo, I tell you at times I was jealous of my son as he could make the sister laugh like crazy when she was a babe... kita cuba tak jadi pun....! It happens... (tapi tension jugak!)

butterflutter said...

Ala comel nya. Nak picit2 pipi tu.

Anonymous said...

hihih comei. He's the boy version of Athyra. Ni mesti thigh bergumpal ni.

mosh said...

nonah: you're always fetish about little people ehehe (in a good way, of course!) that's the boy that has been keeping awake at night, literally.

eh do you still blog or just submitting notes in fb je?

lolls: really? no wonder la ramai orang panggil encem boy :p

mrs a: tu lah. she never failed to carve a smile out of him when she does it. bohsan betul.

bf: sila lah picit if we were to bump into each other again next time :)

rotis: ada rupa athyra eh? he's the first one yang ada cukur bantal. ikut bapak kot on that hair department.

ery kumagai said...

nampak macho. cayya lah!

zan said...

ohh sukanya gambar terlentang tu :) mau sakit tangan dukung budak comel nie..

gigit sikit pipi dia utk i :))

pasal peekaboo tu, silalah cuba berkali2 ya, don't give up hahaha :)

Ummu Layth said...

he looks so bright! :-)

mosh said...

mrs kumagai!: good to see you resurface again. nasib baik macho eh?

zan: ehehe memang dah berat pun. penat nak dukung. gigit pipi tu definitely cannot outsource to athyra. berbekas tangan budak tu kena gigit.

mosh said...

fd: ehehe insya-Allah masin la mulut you.

Myra said...

eiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. geramnye!! Rasa mcm nak gigit2 je! Haha. I love the 2nd pic. He looks so sweet and vulnerable.

mamarawks said...

lucky athyra just grabbing his ankles... like my case, Najah has been caught holding Fahim (when Fahim lest then 1 month old)... cam nak putus jantung bila tgk tu.. nasib baik dia tak lepaskan cam tu je....

BTW, 7.5kg in 5 month... heheh my Fahim already weight 6.1 kg in 2 months... hehehhe...

lazydaisy said...

hensem boy indeed
macam sama berat ngan my twin je..
hee hee

the principal said...

reminds me of having to memorise stages of development from age 0. Not an easy task for me yg tak pernah dukung baby pun.

fail peekaboo game? Try pakai clown's make up, nose, costumes etc...sure terbahak2 ketawa...

He's so cute & surprisingly byk rambut...

mosh said...

myra: gigit jangan tak gigit ehehe. can see the mosquitoes got their share on his cheeks in the third photo?

mamarawks: how old is najah again? at least she can think a bit kan? Unless she's startled coz you guys were screaming wildly la.

6.1kg at 2 months? terrer tu. that's an average of about 1.5kg/month tu. my children all of them would normally gain around 1kg/month for the first 2 months rasanya then it will taper off.

ld: ye ke ehehe. depends la kot. my children's weight resistance level normally at 10kg. susah sangat nak exceed the 10kg level tu it will take them some time before passing over that psychological level. si jantan ni tak tau la nanti macam mana.

ms principal: trust me, i don't. not that kind of controlled, perfectionist freak. i can't even remember athyra's milestones and it was not even that long ago.

my natural face not that funny enough already? i'm sure wouldn't agree with that :p the rambut tu actually ada cukur sikit but couldn't be seen from that perspective.

famyGirl said...

tidak syak lagi, ni ikut acuan kakak athyra :) cuma nampak lebih macho (and possibly more adventurous later).
ohdear... kakak athyra ingat adik doll kot... boleh main tarik kaki.

i pun ada stroller tu :) beli masa beranakkan sofea, dan akan diperturunkan kepada adik-adik