Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Vanity Overkill

Did I tell you somehow I was getting vain lately? It is a bit too early for a mid-life crisis for me, isn't it? Fortunately, I did not go on a shopping spree looking for the latest fashion and adornments and I still use that trusty old bar of soap to "cleanse" my face (and the rest of the body) rather than being metrosexual and look for the latest and most effective skin toning and firming facial cleansers. At least not yet.

However, my vain self was suddenly staring into the mirror 2 days ago noticing painfully how much the rate of receding hairline has somehow accelerated. Which calls for desperate measures! No, I am not going to make our Datuk Sam envious of my even-better planted locks than what he's having right now. That is way too desperate. I am thinking of a more demurred but not so subtle way of dealing with it. Shave it all off. The ones you, and you, and you can see, with the hope that it should revitalize the much shampooed hair of mine.

It won't be the first time though. At last count, I think I have done it at least twice in my adulthood, or the whole life for that matter. I don't think I have been been flashing the epidermis of head when I was a teenager or way before.

Given the gender mix of readers of this blog, I doubt that I could invite anybody to join me with this one. I am thinking of maintaining this one for a much longer period though. Depends on how rajin it is going to be for me to keep it cleanly shaved given current propensity or the lack of discipline to even keep my face clean-shaven. We'll see about that.


papabear said...

That's what we call progress la Mosh.. hahaha

zan said...

botak kan skang in trend, kat sini byk org botak head tau :P

Gartblue said...


but seriously mosh .. you kinda look more charming when you're shaved off .. more approachable, manly too, almost ada aura ..

*goes off to puke*

mosh said...

bear: progress? ahahahah! (alamak lupa pulak pasal bear when i wrote this entry). progress indeed.

zan: i'm sure botak is the trend not by choice eheheh. sebab ramai dah botak kot.

gart: *lap lap the puke* i didn't know you thought of it that way, me being botak.

but i think my round face will definitely look much rounder without hair. ah tak kisah la.

Anonymous said...

Help! My eyes! My eyes!

Apa yang silau nau ni??

You could've warned us lar. I should've put on my shades before i stepped in here.

elisataufik said...


Myra said...


I had a lecturer who was botak. He was sexy I tell you! But not everyone can pull it off.. Hehe..

mosh said...

rotisepuluh: silau tu sebab shades yang besau letak atas kepala tak pakai. try pakai tengok. better right?

elisa: :p

myra: like i said in the entry, i have been botak before. did i pull it off? i don't know. but one thing i can assure you my botakness didn't push people away lah ehehehe

Lollies said...

sila letak gambar bouncer botak itu di muka buku. please put on big shades as well

Anonymous said...

why am i suddenly a 'rotisepuluh'?

one part roti, ten parts hero?

mosh said...

lolls: will do will do. but need to find those big shades first in the local pasar malam ehehehe.

rotiduabelas: because 2 is such an inadequate number for you ehehe. well, the truth is i just thought of a number and 10 came to mind. no particular reason

Anonymous said...

shaven, not .. what eh

mosh said...

screwboy shaven, not barbered?