Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Three Tags

I'd better do some tags before everybody gives up tagging me. Looks like majority of them are already


Thr33 Things Tag

The three names I go by
- Mosh
- Real Name
- Mohamad

Three jobs I have had in my life
- Waiter
- Cleaner
- Wood Oven Pizza Maker

Three places I have lived
- Kuala Kangsar
- Alor Gajah
- Kota Damansara

Three TV shows that I watch

Not a regular TV buff but will watch if bumped into
- Nip/ Tuck
- House
- Whose Line Is It Anyway

Three places I have been
- Meeting
- Toilet
- Kak Zah's

People that e-mail me regularly
- Wife
- officemates
- koleq old boys

Three of my favorite foods
- mee goreng mamak
- mum's (and wife's of course) cooking
- tiramisu

Three things I would like to do
- play online games
- play games
- play "games"

Three friends I think will respond.
- have no idea
- same here
- same as above

Things I am looking forward to
- sleep
- weekend sleep
- "sleep"

Eh abih dah? Tu la dia...


the principal said...


alahai pendeknya your answers. Kalau my friends tag me, expect berjela-jela answers from me & vice many things to share lah.

And definitely takde The 3 Tags - sure sth like 25 random things about me, 16 ....

Mrs.A said...


apa itu "games" and "sleep"? he he. Have a good weekend. Will the kids be participating on the 9th may surau family day?

mosh said...

ms principal: ehehehe. pendek2 tu coz i'm not a man with many words :p. psst... sebab tak mau reveal banyak2 jugak ehehehe.

mrs a: alaaa don't really need to spell it out la kan? :p

not sure yet. most probably so but haven't called our committee member neighbour yet.

famyGirl said...

u still owe me another tag kan? kan?

mosh said...

famy: *furiously searching my reader* yeah i do! kk nanti buat.

zan said...

i like your sleep answer!!

i pun dah qada tido masa last!!