Monday, 12 February 2007


warning for the manly men and the stone-cold-hearted; this entry is a bit mushy so you could leave now should you decide not to proceed reading.

i told alyssa over dinner that i will be outstation tomorrow and will not be coming home for the night. the last time i went outstation alone was sometime last year and we are a bit worried that she'll misses me too much especially now that she has not fully recovered from her fever compounded with runny nose that comes with the additional unwanted benefit of coughing. they have always followed me whenever i went overseas (which does not happen often nowadays) except for a one week trip that i had when she was barely 10 months old.

she just nodded.

later on, i asked wifey if alyssa had mentioned anything else. kesian ayah, nanti tidur sorang-sorang. (pity my father that he has to sleep alone) hmm.

nobody melts my heart like she does.

ok. *clicks and whirr*. back to manly man mode. harrrummpphh!!!

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