Thursday, 22 February 2007

jalan-jalan cari penat

if anybody noticed that i have been in hiatus with the exception of one or two comments i made in my own entry for the past 5 days, it is because i (and we as in the whole family) went for a holiday in bangkok, huurrrrrayy!!

lots of things to tell. but to just sum it up, missed the grand palace again ~X( , not the best time to go because everybody not in their best of health, but still managed to cover some touristy places and did more-than-i-would-prefer retail therapy and alhamdulillah, nothing untowardly happened to any of us and we are all home free.

no chance to upload photos yet because we reached home 12.00am yesterday and i am working today @-) . no choice because my one and only subordinate is on leave for the whole week (and he happens to be chinese too so can't say no to that).

will post more later. finally managed to clear all the alerts and post this entry.

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