Saturday, 24 February 2007

sawasdee moshimoshi part 1

before somebody look for my phone number demanding for the photos, this is the entry describing my recent trip to bangk0k. if you want to view all the 60 plus images, i'm afraid you have to do it the hard way because i have uploaded all the images into one site which does not allow me to compile all the photos into one slideshow. but you will make my sleepless night in preparing these images worth the effort by going through the images. first i am going to give you the links down here, mostly in chronological order.

  1. the first 10 images, mostly views around hotel

  2. the second batch, while we were walking on the first day

  3. the third batch, the golden mount and temple below

  4. the fourth batch, chatuc@k market

  5. the fifth batch, safari w0rld

i am just going to say it all here so be forewarned that this will be a long entry.

i must have uploaded more than 60 photos. don't know which ones i missed in the slide show but at 1.50 am, i am just too tired to go through all of them. *sigh*

if you have seen the photos, you might have noticed that i went with my parents. here's a photo of alyssa sitting on the bags while waiting for our outgoing flight. we took the airline that shouts now everybody can fly and this is the second time i'm taking it. the first time we took it four years ago, it was a almost a disaster because we missed the flight due to flat tyre en route to airport. this time thankfully we made it on time, very early indeed.

but we totally forgot that free seating arrangement and took our time to board the plane, only to find that we were not royalty enough for somebody to reserve a full row of empty seats for us. so we ended up sitting separately and thankfully enough, one soul was kind enough to offer his seat which was next to an empty seat so that wifey and the children could at least sat together.

by the time we arrived, it was dark already. so it was only dinner and good rest before trudging it out the day after. unfortunately, alyssa and amelya have not fully recovered from their fever and runny nose contracted the week earlier. so the travel planner had to drastically reduce the itinerary. the views around the hotel

rama viii bridgeview from balconycanal in front of hotelvery precariously perched projek terbengkalai

the rooms came with continental breakfast. the main issues about travelling with my parents is food. 2 main criteria were and will always be rice is always necessary and never go near anything that has the slightest hint of mixture of halal and non-halal cooking. fortunately, after long-winded convincing that the hotel is owned by muslim with every room labelled with qiblat direction, my father agreed that the food served for breakfast was halal without doubt. but what about lunch and dinner? just to simply put it, the only restaurant that we savoured food from was only the restaurant that gave us breakfast everyday. either that or we eat the canned food that i would not even bat an eyelid at home.

first day after breakfast, i thought of bringing everybody to walk the one and a half km to the grand palace. one big mistake that we made were planning but forgetting to bring the stroller. while my mum who's approaching 60 and my 65 year old dad have no problem walking, those two normally energetic devils were simply not cooperating by refusing to walk. hence many long breaks and many pictures taken.

wide walkwayafternoon napshopping with diapersdemocracy (?) monument

the driver suggested for us to go to the golden mount and some other places including some silk and jade factory outlets before going to the grand palace. the factory outlets were definitely not in my agenda but i just caved in out of the frustrations of getting those two girls walking and me dropping my four-month-old video camera which suddenly refused to record videos anymore. i was not going to let the videocam spoil my mood so i was just refusing to think and obliged to the suggestions.

initially the tuktuk drivers brought us to the golden mount temple. nice temple perched on arguably the highest point in bangk0k. some of the photos we took.

they're happy climbing upbells to announce our arrival?leader of the packand the followers

i am just too tired now. thought of finishing this trip's entry in one round but it is already 3 a.m. i guess this has to be continued. and i need to add part 1 to the title.

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