Tuesday, 15 January 2008

lottery halal moshie's edition

credits goes to screwboy for the title.

my first attempt at the halal lottery unfortunately is not yielding the jackpot. while the consolation prize of her (the live-in domestic helper, for the uninitiated) being somewhat trustworthy and reasonably passionate for my children, she is not exactly in a nirvana state-of-mind.

she claimed that she had been conned by her agents in her home country. she was promised the world by the agent, convincing her to leave her existing job of flower shop assistant for much higher remuneration being a domestic helper overseas. unfortunately, her much-promised pay were definitely beyond a reasonable pay packet that should be awarded to a highly experienced helper, much less to a total novice like her.

and she misses her 14 year old son so much. according to her, she could earn as much in her own country without being separated from her son. and she can ask others to clean up cat's poo in the lawn where she was working before. i am soooo going to throw water to those cats, stray or not.

we will send her back, i guess. no point keeping a half-hearted employee under my roof. i'm dreading the downtrodden path of immigration bureaucracies that i had to go to through twice in procuring her. and don't tell me about the cost. i already know.

maybe 1 down, 25 to go?

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