Monday, 21 January 2008

moshie's angels

i haven't been updating much, if you care enough to notice. not too many ideas to pen down. nothing of interest to you people anyway.

this entry is just an update of some photos that i managed to upload last night. thought i had uploaded more photos but it seems that i'd dead wrong.


that was a photo from our little celebration that we had on alyssa's birthday night. we have made it clear to her this year that there will be no birthday celebration due to her being naughty and all. but (isk) also due to financial constraints :)


photo not properly exposed unfortunately due to inadequate equipment (and most probably skills as well). photos taken during her birthday do 12 december last year.

this is amelya's first day at school. unfortunately very dark also in the absence of natural light in the early morning. (possibly sonyerr phone would fare better in this department).


some of her more recent photos, instead of the recycled one that i put up in my previous entry. lollies was right that i had some problem reading the memory card in my pc the last time hence no latest photos. thankfully the problem resolved itself so here are some more recent photos of hers. some of my relatives call her ata-shinchi. can't comment on that one coz i don't watch that show.

in another news, after a long (about one and a half hours) pep-talk that we had in the car, our maid had decided to stay. seeing that her attitude had slightly improved and her work quality is getting better, i have decided to sweeten the offer and she is reasonably happy to accept the offer and stay. saves some money (and bureaucratic headache) for me.

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