Thursday, 18 June 2009

Community Service Reminder

Received this from one of my MC friend in our mailing list. Reminds me of how fragile we are and what rezeki from Allah is all about. In just one single twist of fate, everything would go haywire and we are at the mercy of Him.

This event occurred recently while his brother's family were holidaying in London during the recent school holiday. Any advise in alleviating their predicament would also be welcomed actually.

To Xantheusian,

Thank you for the concerns, doa, advise and assistance given.

I arrive in London this morning, saw my niece and able to get a better understanding of the situation.

Basically, my niece was attacked by Pneumococcal Bacteria. So, it was classified as Pneumonia. Last Friday, she had difficulty breathing, and medical assistance was called from the hotel. Subsequently, she was brought to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London.

Within hours, her condition deteriorated. Her lungs collapse. The bacteria also releases toxins into the body that affected her heart, kidneys and liver. She was very critical. Alhamdulillah, when I saw her this morning, her conditions has slightly improved. She has been taken off the drugs that helps her heart pumping (her heart is now pumping on its own), her lungs have partly able to pump by itself, and partly assisted by a ventilator, her kidneys is still not fuctioning, but generally doctors said it is critical but stable, and describe her conditions as day to day compared to hour to hour previously.

As far as she is concern, we believe she is getting the best medical treatment possible. Our assistance for her is to doa for her recovery. Many people have done solat hajat, yassin hajat and other prayers for her. Hopefully the doa and prayers continues. May Allah grant all the doa and prayers and she recovers back to health.

Her conditions have shown positive signs, and next is for her to be able to breath without machine help. Doctors mentioned that it will take to recover to the extend where she is in any position to be brought home.

According to the Doctor, pneumonia is an illness not covered under the free treatment given by NHS for foreigners. Therefore, my brother have to pay full amount.

Amir, maybe you can help ask your old consultant about NHS coverage on this matter or if any special appeal could be done and considered for atleast some reduction in medical cost.

Currently, the ICU charges is 2500 UK pound a day (almost RM15000 a day). If she improves and able to be put under normal ward, the charges would be around 750 UK pound a day (almost RM4500 a day). At the ICU rate, the travel insurance that my brother took would cover for another 2 weeks. After that, is when we need to have some sort of funds for the medical cost, as we don’t know how many weeks she will be in the hospital until her conditions allows her to come home for treatment. That is why I am trying to find out any form of advice or assistance available in coping with the cost after the insurance runs out in 2 weeks time.


the principal said...

Your friend tu Amran ke? Coz hubby came back from work & told me about his family's predicament

Mrs.A said...

A junior in UK told me about this. However she mentioned the insurance dah habis. I am glad it covers two weeks.

I finally took the Pneumoccocal vaccine for my Adeena when she was 2 years old (1 jab sahaja). When she was a babe (3 jabs = rm 1000) , paed tak reccommend masa tu (2006). She finally did later on. Might be worth taking for all under fives. Especially Shaqeef n Athyra I think.

mosh said...

ler! news surely travels fast even in here.

ms principal: yup he's the one.

mrs a: and you knew about this too? how uncanny can that be.

I haven't looked seriously about the immunisation to be knowledgeable about it apart from those displays in clinics. especially recommended for below 5 eh? I'll keep that in mind.

zan said...

i have taken for nael when he was 3, that was 3 yrs back and aidan already taken his 1st jab but there is a booster shot later to be taken..expensive but for kids health, why compromise..

i pray for her speedy recovery and maybe you can do a donation campaign..logistic wise, can really advise on that...

update us again ok on her health...actually i read another fwed email too but it's a chinese..mcm sama saja his wife left for vacation with their 2 kids and that was the last time he saw his kid, the kid succumbed to the disease...

again, prayer for her :(

the principal said...


my hubby & Amran satu office. Amran told hubby before he left..

butterflutter said...

I was told the jab only covers a portion of the bacteria (bacteria ke?) so dah jab pun boleh kena but less chances lah.

mosh said...

zan: how long does the immunity lasts eh? need to get booster shots later in life?

huhuhu. latest news given, she has shown some positive improvements even though still in coma and life support.

ms principal: ooo ye ke? no wonder la. for all you know, i've met your hubby before then.

bf: i finally googled and yeah, you're correct! it only covers like (can't remember the exact number) 25+ out of the 80+ strains but out of those 25, about 18 of them are the ones easily transmitted among human and the most lethal ones. tak ingat plak where the link is to hyperlink in here.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mosh,

will it be this girl as per in this entry of yours?


mosh said...

nonah: the name of the girl is the same so that must be it. Last news i heard they're trying to get a flight back but that was last week so they must've been home by now. Al-fatehah.