Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Swiney Thingy

All these while, I have only been reading about it in the newspapers or seeing and hearing the news bulletin. Well, yeah, it is up to the pandemic level declared by some god-knows officials in the WHO whom are sitting very cosily in their hermetically-sealed office somewhere up there in the Alpines. Or how our own gomen are giving conflicting messages by saying both people should not be panicking because everything is under control and all these cases confirmed in our bolehland are in fact "imported" ones from overseas and no local transmission has been detected. And yet, at the same time, reminding people how easily this disease could be transmitted and proceed everything that you do in life with extreme caution and avoid unnecessary socialising stuff etcetera etcetera.

However, somehow slowly this virus seems to be inching towards home ground. Surely, my desk job, deeply rooted home-bound lifestyle does not much translate much into the risk contracting the disease under foreseeable circumstances (or wifey for that matter). But signs of the impending approaches are already rearing its ugly head. A colleague who came back from the land down under (not the epicentre of the spread though thankfully) was showing signs of either cold or flu symptoms (definitely not observations as made clear by hafiz in one of his entry) such as sneezing, red and runny nose about a week after she came back. And the last I heard (and I don't bump into her that much it seems) she was just dismissing it as a common cold which has nothing to be worried about. True enough, under different circumstances, I'd be one of those last ones to be rushing to the clinic to at the first sign of fever or coughs and would bear through it until wifey would be sick enough of listening to my big baby whining and forced me to get my big butt to the clinic. But this is not a normal circumstance and I surely would hope she would get herself checked. On second thoughts, I did not see her at the office at all today so probably gart or somebody else has finally knocked some senses into her head.

Moreover, I was also informed by my colleague this afternoon that his sister has been sent away to the Hospital Sungai Buloh because she has become a suspect case of one. And she has not been travelling anywhere lately so would she go down the record as the first locally-transmitted swiney case? Only time and some samples of her blood would tell, I guess.

As for now, I am not in the panicky stage yet. Shaqeef has been enduring his cough for about a week. Not those disheartening, consistent cough but more like a little coughing in the morning and almost non-existent throughout the day kind of cough though it did degenerate into those deep, chesty cough but Alhamdulillah he recovered by the time we got back from the office in the evening so considering that he's only turning 5 months old at the end of the month, I have held out the clinic visit for now. Not quite a big fan of drugs especially given to such a small baby unnecessarily.

Or should I be panicking now already?


Gartblue said...

nope. i didn't think she checked herself out. went out to bfast and she seemed fine today.

i completely understand your fears babe, me too .. that's why i mentioned it to you ..

shaqeef coughing? ouch .. btw, best not to bring him to a doctor's lounge full of sickly ppl . .dari elok terus sakit ..

Mrs.A said...

Luckily, hubby has not not much travelling to be done, budgets been cut down, more of teleconferencing. Kalau tak risau juga. The weather is not exactly helping .. maybe thats why shaqeef has the cough. Hope all goes well. Anyway, you just reminded me to go update my blog la... I owe too many tags. .. maybe before I give birth? (if following my daughter's schedule who came out at 36weeks and 3 days.. is within 5 weeks.. I am soo not ready this time around!)

mosh said...

gartie: tu la kan? i hope all is well as far as our colleague is concerned. that quarantine leave provision in our CA would be the last thing i'd like to use at this point of time.

mrs a: wouldn't be good to be travelling to the etats unis right now and i'd imagine working with that company, would have to travel several time there la, right?

ehehe tu lah. i remembered the last time i submitted my entry (or was it 2 entries ago and you might've noticed i don't blog much these days as well) that you wanted to update your blog with the tags and all tapi takde pun? i guess with the exception of the blogger up there (points to the first commenter), the winds of blogging has been pretty stale lately.

Anonymous said...

ko batch genap or ganjil? if ganjil, then you should be fine..


zan said...

ohh jgn risau..but i guess stay alert is a must...

been a while i last visited your blog, tapi kita pun busy :P

mosh said...

screw: ceh! only budak mc would understand that joke.

aku batch ganjil. bukan lagi vulnerable ke? ahahaha!

zan: yeah, alert and vigilance is the key.

i haven't been diligently updating anyway, so it's no surprise that this blog is currently in the state of hidup segan mati tak mau

Mrs.A said...

Actually , they have no more ties to the A in the company, the head office is in the B. :)... Kita ni selalu berangan he gets seconded there... ha ha.. (cakap je.. me? pack up and leave everyone in Malaysia? dont think so.. tapi if the day comes, I go where the hubby goesla..).. apa itu cerita batch ganjil and genap?

Anonymous said...

then, ko a carrier je la.. haha

mosh said...

mrs a: ooo didn't know that. possibly would kalau nak kena pi interview kat situ ke apa ehehe.

err batch genap ganjil tu biarla kami budak2 mc je tau ehehe.

screw: heh heh. susah gak tu coz i'd be going around with the symptoms undetected.

the principal said...

I read in the paper kalau teruk sgt, tutup sekolah. Cant wait...

Anonymous said...

ahhaha (to the principal's comment)

anyway.. 1st and 2nd case of locally transmitted flu have been reported. There may be more that went unreported, unchecked perhaps.

Siapa yang pi Pulau Redang tu .. baik2 la berjalan.

*dengki mode on*

mosh said...

ms principal: ingatkan bebudak je yang suka kalau tutup sekolah. tak tau cikgu besau pun suka jugak!

rotis: yeah i read in the news. but my colleague's sister is not one of them. it was diagnosed as extreme allergic reaction.

tu tengok orang pergi pulau redang tu online kat gmail chat tu *dengki gak*