Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Weekend Stuff

Last weekend was one of the weekends that I did much more than lazying around the house, falling in and out of sleep. Brought about by 2 separate occasions in 2 different places. We had to attend this birthday do by my sister at the ikan bakar jetty on Saturday night and yet make it to the bowling alleys on Sunday morning 10am in the Lengkungan. Not that stressful, I know but definitely requires a lot more commitment then those sombre, easy weekend mode.

Initially, we had planned to detour to the beach home en route to the land of Tidak Melayu Hilang di Dunia even to visit the sis-in-law whom just came back from a Cik Kiah entourage to visit the Queen and maybe pick up some of her English while they were there. Fortunately (ahem!) due to some commitments that she had on her side, the detour was cancelled.

So we duly made our way to the Path of the Elephants after devouring some breakfast at Subaidah. Drove sanely around 120km/h mostly except at the only stretch that should've mattered, underneath that Pedas/ Linggi interchange when I drove slightly above 120 to overtake that coasting Proton in the middle lane only to discover a traffic monitor beaming his laser gun proudly under the shade of the interchange. I just checked the e-gomen service and so far, so good. No saman ekor yet. Arrived only to discover with the exception of my uncle's family, the whole gangbang was already there with the house bursting at its seams containing some 20 adults and adolescences and 25 little children running around minding their own businesses.

It had been been since I last went to those infamous ikan bakar venues. I don't fancy the weekend and long holiday crowds and considering the state is not that big, it will still take me quite some time to get to the other end of state, easily spending almost an hour despite the nicely built, traffic-light infested dual-lane carriageway door-to-door. While the fishes are generally palatable, stingrays were never my favourite fish and was more looking forward to those simple little nasik lemaks that I have failed miserably in finding its rival in the mighty Klang Valley for those little red spicy top. Since it was pre-booked Anjung Batu spot, we did not have to fight our way through the crowd and hung around for some time before making our way back to my mum's picking up some durians from my friends house which regretfully I had to live with the smell for the next 72 hours or so. But hey! At least the scale is still tipped to my side with wifey and Alyssa the durian-obsessed creatures and the durianophobic Amelya, Athyra and myself. And I fell asleep on the sofa in no time.

We had to set the record time to be coming back to KL to be able to make it as opposed to the 6pm norms and surprisingly we did. Shot off around 8:30 and arrived and the Lengkungan at around 9:40, also a record time. I was surprised that the old, twisted cow could still be cruising comfortably without much complain going by the minimum speed of 140km/h (apologies to pb). Somehow with the absence of gart and the prior advise to some of those really terrer people to screw up their games, our group managed secure the no 1 spot. I'm not complaining though while distributing the contents of the hamper among my 4 group members.

The rest of the family couldn't be there to witness my maiden victory because Alyssa had to be somewhere else accompanied by wifey at 12pm. The "workshop" (more like a promotion for their tuition class) about being left/ right brained kept me thinking of how left (means not good in their terms) brained I am.

That was the last real agenda for the weekend so the afternoon was happily spent on the normal itinerary of mass-napping, surprisingly joined by all of the kids up the wee hours of the afternoon.


butterflutter said...

Tak tahu why but I nak tergelak baca your post. Maybe the language..

I nak drop by lah for the ikan bakar on our back fr jb this saturday. What time they open eh?

Mrs.A said...

When I was a kid I was totally into durians. Kalau ada yang satu je (kucing tidur as my dad calls it) , that would be mine. Alas, when I was 10, I got totally ill from over-durian, for a week and havent touched it since! Sonye, di dalam kereta saya.. mintak maap, no durians allowed !

Anonymous said...

You know, bustamann.blogspot at one time has audio where we can listen to papa reading his entries.

You should do that, at least once. Let's see how you read 4 lines sentence without stopping. Hehe.

mosh said...

bf: and I was not even being funny. cause for concerns? hmmmm something to ponder upon.

i think they're open pretty early before maghrib lagi rasanya. that time shouldn't be the peak period so ok kot. detour sikit la kena keluar highway then masuk balik la eh?

mrs a: somehow similar to the experience that i had that made me dislike durians. i was not well masa tu and threw out segala after eating some durians lepas tu tak suka dah.

rotis: i had to reread the entry to find those 4-line sentence(s) ehehe. alaa grammar kita hancus english 1119 pun dapat c5 je dulu, that's why. trying to cram as many points in the shortest possible to avoid boring, lengthy entry (as if it's not now).

malu seh nak publish my voice like that. nonetheless, i've tried reading (silently) those sentences and hey, with proper pauses and breathing, can finish those sentences in one breath ma.

butterflutter said...

Jauh ke tempat tu dr highway?

zan said...

banyaknya aktiviti :) ours was attending weddings :P nasib baik kat lembah klang but this wwekend kat seremban pulak :P udahler panas...huwaaaa...berpeluh lah ketiak makcik :(

mosh said...

bf: quite a detour jugak from that ayer keroh interchange actually. possibly around 15km from the toll plaza, my best guess. roti would know better about the distance sebab kampung halaman dia around that area.

zan: still ada wedding lagi despite no more cuti sekolah eh? alaa apasal pulak berpeluh ketiak. kereta ada aircond apa?

Anonymous said...

a runaway freight train..

Lollies said...

mosh, i baca dalam hati pun semput. tak cukup nafas. but that must be because lama tak exercise. :P

kalau i balik i nak pergi makan ikan bakar. yang bestnya i boleh pergi weekdays. sebab everyday is a weekend masa i balik. yayyy.

itupun kalau baliklah

mosh said...

screwboy: nasib baik train. kalau bus, bley la aku perasan macam keanu tu heh.

lolls: tapi kalau i cakap dgn you, not like that kan? in fact i don't even a chance to speak ahahaha!

sila lah exercise lebih sikit. especially kalau balik sebab nak makan lebih :p