Friday, 12 January 2007

fats, fats and more fats

while everybody would be wondering what
happened during my lunch time yesterday with a superb teaser by dory href="">here, just to keep the suspense
running high, i am sorry people that this entry would not be about that at all.
*suspense* *suspense*


this entry would only be talking about this
interesting article appearing in the st*r entitled href="">adults
living with kids eat more fat, study says. the title says it all, doesn’t
picture courtesy of beebeecee. for the benefit of those people who are lazy to
follow the link, i'll copy and paste some extracts throughout the entry.


the article started with this intro class=text>DES MOINES, Iowa (AP): Adults living with children
tend to eat more fat than grown-ups in kid-free homes, consuming as much
additional saturated fat each week as found in an individual-size pizza, a new
study suggests.
that’s not that much, isn’t it? i mean, don’t you have
pizza like every other week or so, that now that the taste of the pizza at our
own pizz@ hut is already imprinted in my mind like the taste of my canteen
food. it is the type of taste that your mind is already thinking about even before
you take the first bite.


It may not exactly be
the kids' fault, but household cupboards are more likely to be stocked with
high-fat convenience foods like cookies, cheese, peanuts and processed meats
when children are around, the researchers said. 
lang=EN-GB>in my case, that’s not quite true either. i was already a junk food
junkie during my student days. i could easily finish up that very saliva-inducing salt and vinegar 200 grams bag of chips in no time. while
my kitchen (use to be bedroom of course. can’t trust all those vultures in the
house with those delicious junk food) is still stocked up with junkies, definitely
less consumption on my part. dah tua sikit kena la jaga badan… (maintain the
not-so-flattering figure)


Before adopting
healthier eating habits, Adamowski stocked the cupboards with those foods,
picked at her kids' leftovers in restaurants, cooked easy-to-fix hot dogs or
grabbed fried fast-food for dinner. 
now the
part of picking up the kids’ leftover is very true, especially for the man of
the house. i was too well trained by my parents not to waste any food on the
plate. so, all those “wastes” from the children would go to me since i'm
expected to be the municipal council of the house.


"Adults pick up
foods that the kids want, so the kids end up driving the nutrition habits of
the household instead of parents,'' she said. "Parents then eat what they
eat, and everyone gets a fatty diet.'' 
i agree
with this opinion too. while we parents are supposed to be the kings and queens
of the houses, we are actually the puppet monarchy where the real governing is
done by people of the house i.e. children.


despite all, i am proud to
say that at least, i have been maintaining my weight. in fact, i am proud to
say that i am actually about 5 kg lighter than i was when i studying despite
the relatively docile activities, walking less, hormone changes brought about
by marriage, stocking up of junk food in the kitchen, wifey’s nagging and
extended hours in front of pc’s thanks to blogging.

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