Tuesday, 23 January 2007

rain, rain please don't go away

somehow, listening and witnessing rainfall from the comfort and dryness of home have always have struck the softer side of me. it is one of the little wonders in life that i've always enjoyed. in fact, one of the most memorable smell that i have is that burning whiff that you get just before the rain comes on a very hot, sun-baked days. it always reminds me of that time when i was still in the primary school and still staying in the wooden kampung house, sitting on the wooden stairs in front of the verandah cursing the rain because i could not roam around and doing the boys thingy a kampung boy would do.

witnessed one of the heaviest rain that i have ever seen around my own house on saturday afternoon. remind me to remove the undergrowth underneath that big fat flower pot in the drain before rain gets hard enough to have a micro flood in my own house. while i am grateful to god that i have never been that i need to remotely worry about flooding around wherever places that i've called home, some people unfortunately do not that have luxury. i have people calling me from ttdi jaya a stroke before midnight asking me whether the rain at my place is heavy enough to bring flood to his place. for the benefit of people who are not in the know, that place is like 15 kms away from my place and we are in the upstream of the river and a huge rainfall in our area could easily flood their area without a single drop of rain falling into that area.

while the rain definitely spoiled alyssa's and amelya's plan who were counting every minute of the day to go to the playground at 6 pm, alyssa discovered one of the prezzies that she had received on her birthday party before (see last entry) which was a sand art pack. while we had carefully hidden the present to avoid the mess associated with sand art, we gave in to let those two little angels have some peace in the house and not ruin anything else to let out their ever-present energy. we spent a good two hours of peaceful time in the house, having the opportunity to let the children exercise their fine motor skills, vocabulary enrichment and even spelling lesson for alyssa, all while doing the sand art activity. the sand art pack even provided an album to store all the alphabetical order finished products. great gift idea and definitely will be one of my birthday gift later. (thanks, whoever the giver was, and apologies because either we lost the card or no card was present). we didn't finish all the 26 alphabets though because by the seventh or eighth cards the sand art is slowly losing its appeal and both of them were starting to coming back to their hyper selves.

alyssa was so into the sand art activity that she wanted to do it again the day after. by the second day, she was already an expert that she did not require our help in taking out the little pieces of stickers that you need to take out before pouring the sand but amelya preferred to play with the strawberry shortcake puzzle in-a-book. we are actually quite surprised that she could actually solved the puzzled which i personally think is quite difficult for her age (again, another great prezzie received during the birthday party, thanks again, people).

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