Wednesday, 24 January 2007

where the *&(%# is the phone?

:-@ :@ :angry: today, i did something that i haven't done for a very long time. no, not those naughty variety. sorry to disappoint you people.

i have always been forgetful but i have been careful enough to remember most of the things that i have remembered to overcome my forgetfulness (does that make sense at all? i can't remember already) but, right now, i am totally in limbo about where the &*(^# did i leave my lovely sexy phone? and totally in my considerate self, i put that phone in vibration mode during the 9.00am meeting that i had this morning. by now, it should have like thousands missed calls and unfortunately the battery is not really in good health so it might just give up if i keep calling the phone. for now i'm giving up and hoping it is going to follow the path of my treasured wedding ring and come back to me at the end of the day.

and guess what? as i was typing this entry, somebody came to my room and gave back the phone. i did, in my utmost forgetfulness ever, left the phone on the table of the meeting room. unfortunately, he had 2 meetings after which explains why he had only returned the phone now. and since i'm on the verge of finishing this entry, i'll post it anyway.

[p/s- all this swearing reminds me of an article written by that minah salleh in the st*r yesterday entitled who gives a ...?. quite funny and worth a read. but the scientific explanation given was I read somewhere that swear words often slip out under stressful circumstances because the part of the brain that handles language is quite different from the part that handles emotion. According to the experts, swearing “comes from the emotional, instinctual place.” ]

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