Tuesday, 12 December 2006

hello world

11 Dec 2006

with the old adage of computer programming common beginner introductory program, i humbly plunge myself into this unknown world of bloggers and blogging. some brief introduction of myself.

i- i am a male: if you can't tell from my choice of colours, it means that i'm still tinkering with the controls
ii- two of my dear friends, loLLies and gartblue would be thrilled to see that finally i took the plunge
iii- i will post more photos rather than this dull, word-only post as my hello world debut entry
iv- i'll try to be funny (even though not many people think i am)
v- i hate capital letters, so if i refer to anybody with lower case, please do not be offended as i meant no harm whatsoever
vi- i am not a japanese or have any japanese blood running through my vein

there you go. as i have left this html-programming stuff for quite some time, expect a lot changes in layout, colours, scheme and presentations as i acquire more gotcha's and learn to use more of this efx2 controls.

see you guys around

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