Saturday, 23 December 2006

quest for a sexy avatar

19 Dec 2006

rotidua had highlighted to me that the image that i am currently using as my avatar is not sexy enough. i was shocked and appalled that the avatar that i fondly named as The Golden Years is considered not sexy enough in this modern and progressive world. it would be an unfair deception to the very limited people who are currently following the chronicles of my life in this blog. therefore, in this entry, i would like to present to you the journey that i went through to replace my current avatar in my quest to represent the true sexiness level of moshimoshi.

scouring through the many pictures taken through the old analogue prints and digital photos, i could only find 3 photos that would truly reflect the evolution of moshimoshi. hence, i had to resort to producing 3 new photographs that would have great significance to the current existence of moshimoshi. the finalists and the selection criteria is thus summarised in the table below.




final verdict

former wife - broke up while making movie with current wife

too bitter

definite no

wedding ring - one of my treasured possessions, see moshimoshi ioi

too romantic, not sexy enough


current wife - she’s magnificent, isn’t she?

too sweet


my mobile phone - currently i am the last one standing in
the office with a monochromatic phone. how more unique could someone be?

too classy


my car - one of them

too flashy, camouflaging the sexiness level

later perhaps?

my glasses - my long term associate, can’t live without

too nerdy

hey! nerd is the in-thing right now. definitely the sexiest object here. guess i'll go with this one then

well, there you go. while i have shared many fond memories with The Golden Years, unfortunately it is time to say goodbye. from now on, my new avatar would be called Nerdaholics.

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