Thursday, 12 April 2007

blogging endorphin rush

from a survey that has been on-going for a few months running, it has been confirmed that moshimoshi have been officially declared addicted to the net generally and blogging specifically. among the telltale signs that reaffirmed the earlier suspicions are:
  • number of subscriptions: while the list started out with a meagre two or three blogsites, it has been growing exponentially. however, the actual number at the moment could not be revealed due to a confidentiality agreement with moshimoshi.

  • updates on current affairs: the amount of time reading current affairs in beebeecee has exceeded the duration spent to read the physical paper strewn around in the office and at home.

  • personal vanity: while moshimoshi did not start off as a conceited person when he started falling in love with the net, he religiously adhered to the twice weekly session of shaving his face. of late, the frequency had been reduced to a weekend ritual only.

  • household chores: while the opportunity of capturing the moment of his spouse vacuuming and mopping the floor had been nonexistent in the past, it is now a regular scene in his household, much to the chagrin of his wife.

  • mouldy bathroom: the washroom being used exclusively by moshimoshi in his household has registered an exponential growth of mould cultures. moshimoshi used to spend hours controlling the population growth but the hours spent scrubbing out the moulds have been substituted by sitting and grinning silly in front of the pc. moshimoshi will not even dare to imagine the shocked expressions to be carved on futuredoc's and aiechomeyll's faces if they were forced to use the wc.

  • obsession with alerts: it has been found that he has the peculiar habit of trying to read out every single alert that appears on his subscription alerts. he will not rest easy before he sees these New Blog Alerts: 0 New Comment Alerts: 0 Comment Tracking Alerts: 0. and he will read every single comment that was left on somebody else's entries, totally disregarding the fact that some of the comments are hardly connected to him by any stretch of imagination.

  • gossip update: moshimoshi knows much more about people living on the other side of the world as opposed to the people who are physically around him. it was a shocking revelation to him to learn yesterday that the person sitting in the room next to his had submitted her resignation letter on the 1st. april and will cease to work with the company starting 1st. july. worse still, he only discovered the news when he was told by gartblue whose room is merely 100m from his via g00gle chat!

  • cleaning the car: while it is generally accepted that his usual excuse of not worth cleaning the car due to incessant daily rains has some grounds, the PREGNANT spouse was seen cleaning HIS car due to his perpetual procrastination of looking for the ideal time slot to shampooing, wiping and vaccuming the vehicle.

  • compulsive entry submissions: while it started out as a single entry in a week, the frequency of entry submissions are slowly growing to about two currently and it is not unfathomable that the entry count would increase gradually in the future even though it will be a long way before moshimoshi could even dream of competing with juara belogging, miss nonah. he was last seen submitting an entry that was totally nonsensical at 1.30 in the morning on a working day.

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