Saturday, 28 April 2007

don't try these at home

i was tagged by intysaar and requested by che' chomeyll to do this. i am not very adventurous so most of these things, you'd have done anyway. not really in my writing mood so (fortunately for you readers) not much blabbering, hehe. if you have been following my comments religiously in other people's blog, you might've seen these here and there.
  1. cussy-ied many lambs: can't exactly remember the correct technical term but apparently it's done to reduce the risk of infection to those lambs. didn't do it myself actually. just lifted up those poor lambs into the cradle and the farmer did it while my job was to lift them up into the cradle and apply those disinfectant powder. ouch!

  2. drove from fr@nkfurt to @msterdam non-stop: can't exactly remember how far, could've easily been 700 km (437 miles). with wifey as navigator, can't quite decide which was trickier. but those blinding speed on the aut0bahn definitely helped in reducing the travelling time

  3. caught speeding at almost double the speed limit and got away scot-free: 150 vs 80 (km/h not miles). and corruption-free as well. the usual thousands apologies and tired coming back from work at 2am thingy (i was!)

  4. had a friendly chat with local melben police: due to some "misunderstanding" that i had. enuf said.

  5. exaggerate about having lunch with other females with wifey: when she calls (note the tense) during lunchtime and asks about those womanly chatters in the background, instead of denying, i'd say that i'm having lunch not with one but four or five of them instead

  6. touched the lightning arrester in my koleq: on top of the roof, of course it wasn't raining. i don't have a death wish, you know.

  7. didn't cut my hair or shave for 2 years: not due to anything emotional. out of curiousity of how i would look like and just got sick of being too cold because i cut hair very short the previous winter. the verdict? even my mum didn't recognise me when she picked me up at the airport.

  8. got a crush on my best friend's elder sister: when i was 10, hehe. older women?!

  9. lived without indoor plumbing, electricity and piped water for 2 weeks: probably longer. during one of my homestay program when i was 16. first time i realised that a woman, 7 years older, could actually be crazy enough to be attracted to the nerdy me.

  10. had a 6-hour nap: during my bachelor days. was coming home late around 2 am. i was getting maybe mini, not microsleep while driving. just stopped under one well-lit bridge because i didn't think i would get home in one piece if i continued driving. roaring rain hitting my car woke me up at 8am while engine still running. thankfully didn't die of asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning or anything like that (belum ajal kot)

  11. [edited]

    i'm feeling generous today so i'm adding another one.

  12. dated someone's fiance one week before she got married: hehe not my fault. she insisted


heh. not so crazy life after all. whom to tag? jeng jeng jeng. those neverending chitchat that we've had over the years, i don't think anything remotely as this ever came up so i'm quite curious about the one who had just ended her official term with her ASS. hehe you are tagged!!! and you nonah! for that last fling.

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