Monday, 16 April 2007


sat 14th. apr 2007: if you were wondering why the newslike reporting, it is due the the confusion cleared between me and lollies when we were chatting on friday between dateline and deadline. the date that you see at the beginning of the paragraph is a dateline whereas the deadline of myself submitting my application for the post passed on friday without me submitting my application. after weighing in all the pros and cons, i decided to go with my first instinct of not applying.

i am not going to post a longwinded entry here because it is almost 1am and it would be definitely past 1 after i'm finished with this one. i don't want to compound tomorrow's (today's infact) blues with a sleepy head.

saturday morning was spent in a casting studio. amelya was called for a casting session for this formula milk ad. i doubt that she'll get it anyway because both of my daughters do not have any acting talent passed down from their parent (not from me definitely) and they do not readily act or react on whatever instructions given by the photographer and amelya is very camera-shy, also like her father. and she is not exactly an image of a well-fed toddler with her small frame and very lean figure. but they had fun anyway running around the studio as you can see in the photos. while we were there, the studio took the chance to update alyssa's profile as well.

coming back from the studio, somehow my rajin mode was all abound and i decided to clean and reorganise our "long term storage area" (read under the stairs) and now it is very and and highly organised that i could start to shove in more clutter underneath.

after the afternoon nap and spending some quality time with the children, i was down on all fours spending more than an hour scrubbing the bathroom. it is so clean now that i would gladly usher anybody including futuredoc and che' chomeyll into the bathroom should the need arises now. or somebody could lay a comforter inside if it's dry enough and still feel comfortable sleeping in it.

sun 15th. apr 2007: at 8am on sunday morning, i was already standing in astaka field to take part in the paintball competition organised by our ruling party in the gomen.

while paintball would be such luxury for me now with my always-in -the-red monthly budget, i was invited to this competition because somehow i am a (uhuk!) member of this party and we'd be playing for free. i am all for free stuff so there i was at 8am, nervously waiting for my turn to try it out this latest sensation for first time.

for the benefit of those who have no clue what paintball is all about, it is the latest sensation of an urban recreational activity in the form of glamourised combat games that we normally played in kampungs, using slings or hand made bamboo sticks instead of pressurised guns. the main objective of the 5-persons-team game is to "rescue" your flag and which is kept at the enemies base and bring back to your own and "kill" as many opponents along the way. and you have the bunkers as your protection against enemy and sometimes friendly fire.

it was definitely fun and most of the players are first timers anyway so we were happily reliving the inner child in ourselves. there were so many teams and we got to play 3 times. we won 2 games, one by default because the opposing team was disqualified and lost one. but it was not enough for us to be on top of the group to qualify us to advance into the second round.

it was a hot day and in a way i was glad that we didn't advance because i just couldn't stand the dehydration of playing under the afternoon sun anymore.

somehow, i was not even "killed" once in the three games that we played and to say that i was hiding behind the bunker all the time would not be true enough because i managed to rescue my flag in one of the game. it must have been my lucky day. evidence included with the outfit that i wore today devoid of any orangy marks.

i would spare more description for you to read and just look at the not-so-good-quality photos that i attempted, braving the dehydration and exhaustion and blurred visions that comes with the hot sun.

i definitely would have trouble staying awake tomorrow so maybe i should try out these dance moves in my room to keep the eyes open throughout the day.

despite all those energy consuming activities, i still submitted an entry today at the current time of 2.31am. did i not tell you that i had a productive weekend? and for those who are still reading, i congratulate you because this is a longwinded entry after all.

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