Thursday, 5 April 2007

business and leisure

the slavery unit of our kompeni had advertised internally for several "special" positions in the company and let's just say that one of the position offered is "made in heaven", for me.

while we have many many people people within the company, i came third to being the most eligible candidate. the most eligible one would be my immediate superior now, whom has nothing to gain at all by applying for the post. the second most eligible would be my former superior whom had transferred to another department on promotion, also with little or no incentive to apply. which means the most eligible candidates to apply for the post would be moi, myself and i barring some outsiders who won't be applying because it is advertised internally. and i am in a dilemma.

first, let me list down the benefits for me.
  • instant promotion- grade is higher than mine so i'd be promoted if accepted. no more waiting for this year, next year or whenever. grab those apples now.

  • future promotions- i don't need to worry about future promotions in the next 5 years. the post has much easier promotion path. the fact that nobody else would be doing anything similar would certainly help. this company doesn't promote people easily. even our pekerja cemerlang award recepient can vouch for that.

  • focus- since it is really a specialised position, i don't have to think about anything else and just concentrate on this one. hopefully no more of those i.t. stuffs that the bosses seems to think that i know everything about and no more people should bug me if they cannot access the internet to check how much the shares they bought yesterday is worth now, their little gremlins in their notebook have acted up and significantly slowed it down, their colour printer won't print the antiques bid they made on e-bay and no more surveys about whatchamallit software that other people are using.

hey, since life is fair, the advantages also come with disadvantages
  • what? more of this- well, since it is a very specialised position, more of the same thing to come. i've been doing similar things for the past 4 years and while i don't exactly hate the subject, i don't jump out of my bed at 5.45 every working day planning what to do today with regards of work either. so, i'm not too keen to continue doing it for the next 5 years or so.

  • what next? - the specialised position says it all. let's say i applied and got the job and life goes happily ever after for the next 5 years. by then, i would be on top of my world and then? it would be too late for me to go anywhere else so the bigger chance for me to rot in doing the same thing again. unless i go out of the kompeni, doing the same thing also which i would do best. while that is a different thing altogether, still it will be more or less the same thing. don't think i quite like that option.

  • no testing the water- while it would be nice to just apply on suka2 basis, the slavery unit always frowns upon people turning down on promotion. then, they would be like ok, since you turned down my offer because you like whatever that you're doing now sooo much, you can rot there for a while and enjoy it for much longer period.

i have up to 13th. to decide and submit my application. aarrggh!!!. if my current superior applied for the post because he has been asked to by the slavery department and accepted, i stand to gain also to cover his vacated place! and by the way, the additional money would definitely help tip the balance of my budget.

now, on the other news, haven't seen anybody mentioning about this subject despite the hyper-active submissions of new entries. while the front page was splashed with the bogus b0mb threat at the 13th. longest bridge in the world, maybe not many people have seen the other news. managed to catch a glimpse of thebintang today and saw this:

Bloggers may have to register

BLOGGERS using locally hosted websites may be asked to register with the authorities, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said.

He said registration was one of the measures the Government was considering to prevent the spread of negative or malicious content on the Internet.

apparently, it is either the gomen thinks that we are not smart enough to decide which is bad or good for ourselves or we are too dumb to practise self-regulation. or a politically-correct (an obscene oxymoron) way of saying we only allow people to kow-tow to us and sing praises to us, all the time only.

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