Thursday, 19 April 2007

threatened *something*

while cik rotidua thanked me for submitting one entry only during her absence in the virtual world, she is not going to thank me no more. i am going to further compound her misery and add another blog alert into her subscription alerts ]:-)> hahaha *evil laughs*.

wifey was supposed to have her next regular check-up at the end of the month. but when i was out of the shower yesterday, she told me that she had some stains which had never happened during the gestation period of alyssa and amelya. it didn't seem to be a major concern that i did not rush to the hospital, sirens blaring and honking everybody that was on my way. however, did not want to take unnecessary risk either. so, took emergency leave, went to the panel clinic, got referred to the specialist, had breakfast at the nearby mamak restaurant and send the children to their respective nurseries before making our way to the specialist clinic.

there was simply no parking spot around dsh when we got there. so i dropped her off in front of the hospital, did another round before settling into into a faraway parking spot. surprisingly, despite normally having made to wait for endless hours to see the obygyn (sp?), she was already inside the consultation room when i got there so i just waited outside.

from the second-hand story that was delivered to me, apparently it's called threatened contraction (not quite sure about the second word) where some endometrium were shed (i think, i wasn't there to ask). i was told that the little fella was happily swimming and as i suspected, not much of a concern and maybe stress induced. but unfortunately, any recreational activity had to take a break some time (daymn!). she was given some hormone to strengthen the whatever. on top of that, she was awarded medical leave until the end of the week which means i have to send both of the children to their nurseries instead of just one of them.

all things said and done by 11.30am, we decided to spend the rest of the day without the children (yippee!) watching a movie. it was an unplanned date so we just caught whatever interesting that was showing in the cinema and agreed on the third installment of mr beany.

even with the occasional burst of laughter, i wasn't very impressed with the movie. no wonder futuredoc also said she didn't quite enjoy the movie.

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