Friday, 6 July 2007

blogger meet at midV (final update!)

ok peeps. this is going to be the last update for the blogger meet at mid valley 9th. july monday. just to reconfirm to everybody who'd like attend, it is still on. because i'm the organiser, i've decided to postpone the lunch to 1:15pm so that i would have enough time to catch the 10:45am transformer movie (hehehe!). any complaints? put down your piece of mind in the comment box. venue still the same. i have made reservation for 20 people at little penang cafe, first floor, centre court mid valley under my name. i'm not going to put down my phone number here either. so, you can either get in touch with each other or can pm me if you don't know my real name or would like to have my number. for non-efx2'ers (if any), can send e-mail to me to suhairims [at] gmail [dot] com.

list of people coming:

almost confirmed of coming:

1- lollies (maybe with the whole clan)

2- che' chomeyll (with mr aie but maybe not for bowling)

3- me, gart and theotheraj

4- pb and intysaar

5- zan and famygirl

6- ld (with little bodyguard)

7- dory

eh! looks like the number would be less than 20? hopefully can fill up with the maybe's.


1- ondeonde

2- mommyalif aka rad

3- mamarawks

4- amyra

unfortunately, olab and rotinotti won't be joining us.

ok. yebbedee yebbedee yap. that's all folks.

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