Tuesday, 10 July 2007

blogger meet at midV (post analysis)

this is going to be my first buddy entry ever. so, if you're receiving this alert, you are included into the not-so-exclusive my buddy list.

first of all, let me say this: TRANSFORMERS ROCKS! (must go and get the dvd). we managed to catch the 10:45 shows and as advised by theotheraj, the show definitely ended in slightly less than 2 and a half hours.

apparently, it wasn't in vain that i postponed the lunch event to 1:15. by the time we got there at around 1:20, there were famygirl and boy, zan, mr gart alone (with gartblue), che' chomeyll and mr aie and theotheraj. so, we had to wait for pb, gartblue and and lollies clan. on the table, there laid two boxes of doughnuts, as olab's representative, passed through che' chomeyll when the meet in the morning. the waiters were definitely not amused that we are hogging a large part of their table without ordering anything yet.

when gartblue, pb and lollies finally arrived, we ordered our meals. gartblue made her grand entrance and immediately took a seat at the opposite end of where mr gart was sitting, as if they were in a big fight the night before and never reconciled, hehehe. in fact, i didn't see them talked to each other at all thoroughout the lunch except that little wave and flying kisses when mr gart was leaving. but i've been assured rigorously by gartblue that they were not fighting.

things finally settled down and the seating arrangement were like this one.

we ordered individually. and yes, we ordered three lobaks to be spread around and no complaints about the lobak. it was very nice indeed. sorry rotinotti. i have no photo of the lobak but i impatiently made sure che' chomeyll took the photo of that before allowing myself to some generous helpings :D.

i didn't get to be involved much towards the male end of the conversation, so my overall judgement might be slightly impaired. but on the ladies' side, the award of the chattiest lot is definitely tied between gartblue and che' chomeyll and pb would easily won hands down with the least chatty one. maybe she was too tired with the hard work. moreover, i spotted her leaving comment in my previous post at 3 am the morning before!

these are the real photos of the occasion. hence the need for a buddy post. no dirty secrets or juicy gossips here. just because i'm not sure if people would like to see their faces pasted around because the only people i remember putting their own photo on their own blog among these people were che' chomeyll and pb.

for those who were looking forward for a nice wonderful photos, you have to excuse those inferior ones. those are the best i could do with the inferior equipment while trying not to be left out of the conversation at the same time. you'd have to rely on other people for better quality photos, hehehe.

while i was savouring my chilli-less fried kuey-teow (which was supposed to be shared with alyssa), somehow i remembered that ld was supposed to come with her hubby. sent her a text message with the reply not forthcoming for another 45 minutes. apparently they couldn't resist the temptation of holding hands passionately over the transformers movie and caught the later show. so she replied asking whether people are still around and if it's still possible to join the gathering.

the day before, che' chomeyll sent me a text message asking if it is possible to give a little surprise to mr aie with his birthday being on the 8th. july. thinking that i'd be too occupied with transformers movie to buy the cake so i had asked lollies to buy the cake. appparently, resipi rahsia in mid valley has moved to a different, unbeknownst to both me and lollies but let's just say, it was a happy ending and lollies managed to find the new resipi rahsia and coming over with a chocolate indulgance cake, not caving in to my continuous plea of a cheesecake. che' chomeyll managed to surprise her lovey dovey with the cake and chalked up a few notches towards the ultimate goal.

so, the demure and selim-melim ld came over beaming with hubby and even when had been factored into the now-well-nourished adults could not finish the cake. so, in the end mr aie had to bring back the unfinished portion home. and the seating arrangement during that time was like this, with theotheraj proudly proclaiming that the conversation on the other end of the table were too matured for a twenties like him among the near forties husbands, totally ignoring the fact that mr aie is much younger than him. and with the absence of the children terrorising the cafe and sliding down the internal stairways.

so, in the end, it was all fine and dandy and the first one to leave was famygirl because she had a meeting at 3:30. gradually people excused themselves and we finally gave up our seats in the restaurant at around 3:30pm. and we gave up the idea of bowling because there was not enough quorum left and it was getting late too late anyway.

so, what do i think about the gathering and the feedback that i've got? so far, i've had nothing but positive feedback even from wifey even though some people thought that she was not in her most friendly mood yesterday speculating that i was getting too comfortable with the others. :-P :P so not very true, i'm telling you.

it was definitely a lively meeting. even mr aie who presumably is in mid-20's looked at ease chatting away with the mid thirties mr gart, mr lollies and famyboy. and the girls (women?), well do i need to say more? i am definitely looking forward to any future gatherings of bloggers, with elisa's one coming up on our merdeka day and will definitely make an effort to be there. and i would like to thank everybody who paid their share and reduced the burden of me swallowing the 300 bill alone (*gulp*).

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