Tuesday, 24 July 2007

size definitely matters

i am not sure whether more males or females would be interested in this news. but like it said in the news article, about 70% of women in the uk are wearing a wrong size. now instead of having to comprehend inches and alphabets, females have to contend with even more permutations? won't that lead to more mistakes in choosing size since, correct me if i were wrong, they can't exactly try it on when buying due to hygiene purposes.

but, as an "interested party", i guess now it is more difficult to impress women with the skills of guessing the right sizes because now we also have to contend with more variations, hence more likely to get it wrong.

i wonder why a developing nation, while a huge one at it too, to come up with the new standards. could be because of this, in keeping up with "burgeoning" demands?

i am also wondering if it is possible to submit a proposal to our women minister or standards departments to set up a similar research centre over here in the country. that would definitely helps alleviate this problem and will surely generate a lot of interests , one way or another. which brings up the question, what kind of qualifications required to take up such research?

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