Monday, 16 July 2007

where was my weekend

i finally collected the contact lens that i ordered 2 weeks ago in 1kano on friday night. ok, in addition to caving under my vanity demands, i am also getting occasional bouts of headache with the glasses and i suspected it to be attributed to the glasses. and i was correct! the check revealed that my power has been reduced by more than 100 (or 1.00) on both eyes! yippeee! (or am i getting that old? :D)

so now i am google-less people, wuuhuuu! unfortunately, i am not one of those people who would wear contact lenses effortlessly. my eyeballs are not sufficiently lubricated so if you see me blinking at you all the times, it doesn't mean that i am trying to score a point or two but it is merely my puny effort of trying to lubricate my eyes. (gart! can i have more of those eye drops given by your nobita) and i would definitely stick to that 10-hour-maximum regime. which is why i have ordered a new pair of spectacle lenses to replace the totally screwed up lenses on my glasses now.

on saturday, we (as in the whole family) met lots and lots and lots of people, including gartblue in our kompeni's family day. it was hot hot hot! nowadays, the family day has become a biennial event instead of an annual affair, most probably due to cost savings, i guess. we also bumped into alyssa's babysitter whom had loved her so much before the kindergarten was "privatised" and she was transferred to another department and needless to say, she was hugging alyssa left and right.

didn't come back with any other additional prizes apart from the standard bag given to anybody whom registered. didn't join any games, disheartened to see very very long queues everywhere. forced by gartblue to join in the make-up your wife/ girlfriend competition where the guys were given make-up set and 15 minutes to make up their respective partners. but no, both mr gart and myself who were rushing throughout the 15 minutes session with our "canvass" did not even get into the top 5 out of the 15 couples that participated.

we went back totally knackered and severely dehydrated. those free-flowing soft (and free) certainly was not enough to replace the lost liquids under the hot blazing sun. en route home, wifey received a call from the casting agent, asking alyssa to come by to their jalan ampang office for another casting session on the very same day but i just waved it off. we were too tired and dehydrated i just could not bear the thought of driving across kl for another session of casting. moreover, wifey's sister would also be coming over to our place that afternoon, so squeezing in another activity would be tricky.

with more company coming in, those girls did not proper rest except the little catnap that they had on the way home. by the time their cousins went back at 6.30pm, they were too tired and slept readily after the shower throughout maghrib and the night and only woke up morning after.

i woke up early and refreshed on sunday morning. seeing how dirty my car was, i decided to clean the car. but can anybody tell me why does it always has to rain on the same day or the day after i washed my car even when it hasn't rained for one week?

went to another optical shop to order my glasses. somehow, i thought of asking the optometrist to check alyssa's eyes because she could't seem to concentrate much longer that 15 minutes when it comes to reading and we have always blamed it on short attention span before she gets teary-eyed and started rubbing her eyes. surprise surprise! according to the readings, she has astigmatism and surprisingly high at it too at 2.25 for both eyes. oh no! i really hated wearing glasses so i pity that she would have to go through those also, starting from a very tender age as well. so the opto advised us to take her to a ophthalmologist for further checks. will have fit that somewhere into our schedule this week then. hoping for some good news there.

to make a long entry shorter, we were finally back home at around 10:30 last night after spending some time in 1kano/ lengkungan looking for some baju raya and birthday present and went for a birthday party celebration afterwards. really felt like calling of with emergency leave today but somehow managed to peel myself of the bed and headed to work today. last weekend was definitely not my ideal definition of easy-going, lazing, doing-nothing and idyllic weekend that i'd love to do most.

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