Wednesday, 11 July 2007

wedding photos

no, not my wedding photos. this is the wedding that i had to put a lot of commitment too because i seem to find myself being the saksi (witness) for the akad nikah ceremony, the "relative" for the tea ceremony and one of the escorts for the bride's reception. the groom was my former school mate and he was thankful enough that several people had devoted the almost two full saturdays of 30th. june and 7th. july for his wedding.

what made this wedding interesting is that my malay friend got married to a chinese lady. so, instead of our usual customary rites of the akad nikah and reception performed on the ladies' side first, the akad was done in the hotel before the guys reception.

here are the photos of the 2 weekends event with some descriptions afterwards (thanks nonah for the f1ickr tool tutorial :D). and couldn't find another photo to make a complete rectangle.

description: left to right

1- bride and groom, NOT!

2- saksi sitting behind pak imam. akad done in hotel, on stools rather sitting on the floor cross-legged

3- the bride

4- batal air sembahyang (nullifying ablution?)

5- groom's reception

6- bride and groom mingling around

7- the koleq boys

8- heading towards bride's house for tea ceremony

9- creating a heart from pomelo skin with no tools but bare hands (and teeth)

10- groom displaying successfully carved hearts

11- no-hands apple-on-a-string

12- lending a helping ear

13- delicacies? nope!

14- show of manliness

15- first bow

16- hello, are you there?

17- serving tea

18- mounted soldier- house deco

19- fully dressed "bodyguard" with wifey

we also got to scream heart out "yaaaammmmm seeennnnggg" with grape juice on the stage. but have no photo of that.

while it was tiring and certainly required a lot of commitment, i enjoyed myself throughout. it was indeed a rare opportunity to be involved in a cross-cultural wedding like this one. especially the tea ceremony part where supposedly the accompanying balachi's are supposedly relatives and not friends.

to my friend zef, we pray that you wedding will have limpahan rahmatullah and may you enjoy your suffering forever and ever (finally!)

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